3rd crusade

Kights hospitaller

Ivo de Vipount

Ivo de Vipount, Hospitaller, soon after his arrival at Acre, embarked for Tyre, in a small coasting boat, with three sailors and ten companions. They had barely got out of sight of the harbor, ere a large double-banked Turkish galley came down upon them, armed with eighty men. At the sight of this immensely superior force, all on board gave themselves up for lost, with the exception of Ivo; who, immediately the Saracenic* galley touched their prow, leaped on board, and, with a tremendous battle axe, dealt such a blows around him, that many were slain, and the rest dared not approach. His audacity revived the courage of his companions, who, joining him on board the enemy's galley, rushed on the body of infidels, who, after a desperate conflict, were all slain or cast overboard. 

Ivo de Vipount alias Vieuxpont, Veteripont, Vipont. Great-grandson of 1st Crusader Robert de Vipount, 1070-1108 CE.