1st crusade


Ralph Earl of Norfolk arms Ralph of Norfolk Ralph Earl of Norfolk arms

Ralph Earl of Norfolk - whom in Orderuc we find styled "de Guader," and in Acherius, "de Gael"- is said to have been of an ancient saxon family, though mentioned by Wace in the Roman de Rou as one of the Conqueror's companions. But, according to Dugdale, being discontented with the government of the Conqueror, he crossed over to Denmark. There he prevailed with Enute, son to King Swane, and Harun, a great Earl of that country, to join his party; and they set sail for England with two hundred ships. Howbeit, when the invaders came near the coast, and got intelligence of the army that King William had ready to encounter them, they changed their plans, and landed in Flanders. After the failure of this expedition, Ralph, being a banished man, assumed the badge of the cross, and, accompanied by his wife Emma, went to Palestine.