1st crusade


Robert de Montefort 75x90 Robert de Montefort Robert de Montefort 75x90

Robert de Montefort was a Crusader, and died without issue; he was in no wise related to the family of this name which played such a conspicuous part in English history in the reign of Henry the Third. Those Montforts, however, who were settled at Bescote, in Warwickshire, were descendants from the same stock as this Robert; and by the female side, came the families of Freville and Dudley.

The church in Ballsh (Albania) dates back to the 6th century. Columns with inscriptions are dedicated to Boris IX and Robert de Montefort who in the 11th century, witnessed the baptism of Boris, the Bulgarian emperor Mihail I.


Robert de Montefort 75x90 Robert de Montefort Robert de Montefort 75x90

During the second Norman campaign of the years 1107-1108 CE, the Norman noble Robert de Monteforte was killed in Glavenica. Even while retaining the title of Duke, he was promptly buried and on his grave was placed the column of stone on which the inscription of the return of King Boris to Christianity was inscribed.

Inscription on his Tomb.

†Here lies Robert de Forti Monte. Graceful manly body, courageous at arms, generous man, deputy commander of the Normans. He led and was above all the English, being at the most beautiful age of youth, he left this earth while in search for his lords grave. In here, he died young, when the sun bore for the fourth time at Libras Constellation. May the King of the Paradise give you his joys, o Robert.†