World War II

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Hitler always felt he was destined for something special.  During the First World War he found himself being saved from death in more than one occasion and these episodes of salvation reinforced his thought that he was saved for some higher purpose. In the last days of the First World War Hitler was recovering from a wound when news arrives that causes pain as if it were a second wound, Germany had surrendered.

The defeat was so shocking that the Germans create the myth they called the Dolchstosslegende (back stabbing myth) to explain the defeat. Believing they had lost not only because they were defeated in battle, but because someone stabbed them in the back when they weren't looking. They blamed the Socialists and the Jews. 

Shortly thereafter, a group of anti-Semites formed an exclusive association The Thule Society, Thule the legendary homeland of the Aryans.


Its members debate politics, the occult and the Jews. The Thule Society is the cradle of the Nazi party. In 1919, a member of Thule forms the prelude to the Nazi party, the German Workers' Party. A meeting becomes a crossroads of destiny.

Hitler, still a corporal in the army, was destined to spy on the new party, however, it backfires and he likes what he hears at this meeting. It's a strange mix of ideas about a lively German spirit, something of anti-Semitism, a little bit of anti-capitalism included.

Adolf Hitler, the army spy, becomes member of the German Workers' Party No. 555. Most of its members are nothing more than ultra-right agitators unable to reintegrate into civil society. The war is eternal for them, and they are determined to overcome the shame, the humiliation and rebuild what they believe is the real Germany that had been subverted by the "stab in the back".